Ketamine, a dissociative drug, can have a strong hallucinogenic effects. It deprives the user of physical sensations, even emotions, it alters perception of time and with higher dosages (above 250m g) out of body experiences usually called a K-Hole. Benzodiazepine will counter the effects of Ketamine.The effects vary from person to person, but for some people the experience of using ketamine is described as living in a new dimension.

Ketamine comes in the form of liquid, power or a pill (which is usually mixed with other drugs such as ecstasy or antihistamine). The drug is commonly combined with cocaine (known as CK one). Combining ketamine with cocaine can counteract the sedative effects of ketamine. Ketamine can be snorted, swallowed, smoked or injected (but never directly into the vein) into muscle tissue for slower absorption.

Mixing it

When mixed with depressant drugs such as alcohol, GHB, marijuana, medicated tranquilizers or even allergy pills (antihistamines) it can put you at risk of respiratory arrest, fits, coma or death. If you are smoking and pass out, the lit joint or cigarette might start a fire and you won't even notice.

When mixed with stimulant drugs such as speed, cocaine, ecstasy or crystal ketamine dramatically increases your heart rate and puts the body under a lot of pressure.

If you take protease inhibitors (PI) as part of your HIV treatment, the PIs are likely to increase the effects of Ketamine. You may experience a heavier sedation, the effects last longer, an increased heart rate and blood pressure. If on Norvir, the combination with Ketamine may increase the risk of drug induced hepatitis.

The way you evaluate and decide upon the level of risk you are willing to take sexually can be compromised because under the effects of ketamine your inhibitions are decreased and your sex drive is increased making you feel horny.

Because of the numbing effect of ketamine, if you are the bottom partner, you will be able to take larger than usual objects up your arse, such as cocks, toys or fists, and be able to do so for longer periods of time without realising if any damage has been caused. As such the risk of tearing the tissue of the rectum increases and therefore so does the risk of catching HIV and STIs such as hepatitis C. In long fuck sessions, check the condom regularly, keep on adding lube and change it every half an hour or with every new partner.

Only doctors and vets can prescribe and administer ketamine, otherwise it is illegal. The legal consequences of possessing, manufacturing or selling ketamine include a fine or legal imprisonment. Furthermore, it is illegal to drive while under the influence of ketamine and this can result in a disqualification of your licence.

Long term side effects

Ketamine is a highly addictive and creates tolerance which means a larger quantity of the drug is needed to get the same effect, and therefore the risk of passing out or overdosing is increased.

In the long run, the continuous use of ketamine has been linked to an increased risk of reduced memory function, impaired concentration and cognition, personality changes and other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, etc.

It increases the risk of damage to the bladder, liver and kidneys.

In an emergency

There is a risk of passing out, try not to use it by yourself and let the friends you trust know what you are using and how you are feeling. In case you or a friend passes out, lay them on their side, in case they vomit they don't choke. Because Ketamine slows you down, there is a risk of going into respiratory arrest, which is basically slowing down the breathing to point that you could stop and not enough oxygen will get into your system. Dial 000, remember paramedics are not obliged to involve the police.

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