Crack is processed coacaine, which has been heated and mixed with baking soda or in rarer cases other compounds. Crack will give you the same 'euphoric' feeling as cocaine but in a stronger and much quicker way.

Crack and its low melting point of about 90 °C means that the created smoke loses its potency very fast. Crack pipes are usually short, to eliminate the cooling of the vapours. However, this causes the lips to blister and crack due to the hot vapours and the use of the pipe against the lips. The cracked lips make it possible to pass on and pick up hepatitis C (HCV) or TB through the saliva by sharing any instrument used to smoke crack. Only minimal amounts, not necessarily visible to the naked eye, of contaminated blood can cause an infection. Transmission of HCV and HIV by sharing injecting equipment is high, sterilised equipment should be used and disposed if in appropriate sharps containers.

It is possible to pass on and pick up hepatitis C (HCV) by sharing any instrument used to smoke crack because of the presence of tiny amounts of contaminated blood, not visible to the naked eye. It is possible to pass on and pick up HCV and HIV by sharing injecting equipment so it is very important to always use sterilised equipment and also use a sharps container to dispose of them appropriately.

Crack is similar to cocaine in its effects and as such it will increase your sexual arousal, your energy and your feeling of strength; and it will directly affect the way you evaluate and decide upon the level of risk you are willing to take sexually. Crack can make you selfish and sexually aggressive, which can mean rougher sex.

Due to the pain killing effect of crack, sex sessions can go for longer and the risk of breaking the skin or anal lining along with bleeding are increased. Therefore if condoms and water based lubes are not used the potential for transmitting HIV and other STI's is increased. In long fuck sessions, check the condom regularly, continuously add lube and change it every half an hour or with every new partner.

The legal consequences for using, possessing, making and selling cocaine include fines and imprisonment, additionally, it is illegal to drive whilst under the influence of crack and this can result in a disqualification of your licence.

Long Term Side effects

The use of crack over prolonged lengths of time can produce a variety of problems including hypertension, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, cerebral atrophy, depression, paranoia, psychosis and anxiety. One of the most common symptoms of prolonged crack use is a condition known as 'coke bugs', a condition where the user experiences the sensation of parasites crawling under their skin.

Crack has a reputation for being one of the most addictive drugs and for also being able to produce significantly negative changes in personality too. Crack affects the way our brain perceives pleasure and in the long run the regular use of crack can leave you with a feeling of emptiness and extreme dissatisfaction.

The development of a tolerance to the effects of crack cocaine can have a severe unwanted side effect. Even though tolerance to the high can occur, it is possible that users can become more sensitive to cocaine's anaesthetic and convulsing effects, which may explain some deaths occurring after apparently low doses of cocaine.

Mixing it

When mixed with alcohol it strengthens the stimulant effects of crack putting the heart and body under extreme stress at the same time, this condition has been linked to sudden death.

When mixed with other stimulant drugs such as: ectasy; crystal, speed and viagra it puts the heart under pressure and it increases the risk of overdosing.

When mixed with prescribed anti-depressants it can cause serotonin syndrome which requires immediate attention, the symptoms are: not being able to sleep, feeling agitated, sweating, fast heart beat and muscle spasms.

HIV medication doesn't have a negative interaction when mixed with crack.

In Emergency

-Dial 000 if an overdose or an adverse reaction is observed due to crack consumption and remember paramedics are not obliged to involve the police.

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