GHB is drug which is produced in either liquid or powder form. GHB can stimulate sociability, the effects of the drug can include a deep feeling of happiness from relating and interacting emotionally, intellectually and sexually with other people.

Sexually, GHB can make you hornier and intensify both your erections and your orgasms. If you are the bottom partner, the relaxing effect of GHB can make it easier to take things up your arse. In long fuck sessions, check the condom regularly, keep on adding lube and change it every half an hour or with every new partner.

The way you evaluate and decide upon the level of risk you are willing to take sexually can be compromised because under the effects of GHB your inhibitions are decreased and both your sex drive and the sensitivity when being touched are increased. Therefore if condoms and water based lube are not used while having sex, the potential for transmitting HIV and other STI is higher too.

Mixing it

When mixed with other depressant drugs such as alcohol, ketamine, marijuana, medicated tranquilizers or even allergy pills (antihistamines) GHB can put you at risk of respiratory arrest, fits, coma or death.

When mixed with stimulant drugs such as speed, cocaine, ecstasy or crystal, the opposite effects of the different drugs will put the body under a lot of pressure.

If you take protease inhibitors as part of your HIV treatment and add ketamine in the mix, it can elevate the amount of ketamine in your system, increasing the risk of overdosing, this has the potential to be fatal. Talk to your doctor about drug interactions

  • GHB can be a dangerous drug when mixed with alcohol. If you do intend on taking GHB then it is advised that you NEVER mix it with alcohol.
  • Furthermore it is very hard to determine the correct level of the drug to ingest which means there is an increased risk of overdosing.
  • When you overdose on GHB you will pass out and in severe cases it can cause fits, induce a coma and death.
  • The legal consequences of using, possessing, making and selling GHB include fines and imprisonment. Furthermore it is illegal to drive while under the influence of GHB and this can result in a disqualification of your licence.

Long Term Side effects

GHB is highly addictive and creates tolerance which means more quantities of the drug are needed to get the same effect. Therefore the risk of passing out, overdosing and suffering from a respiratory arrest increases too. There is not much information about side effects of prolonged use of GHB.

Because GHB is an uncontrolled substance, there is not way to absolutely determine what ingredients have been used in its manufacture. For this reason it is possible to experience unwanted side effects such as the sensation of a burning mouth and or throat and breathing difficulties.

In Emergency

There is a risk of passing out, try not to use it by yourself and let the friends you trust know what you are using and how you are feeling. In case you or a friend passes out, lay them on their side, in case they vomit they don't choke. Because GHB slows you down, there is a risk of going into respiratory arrest, which is basically slowing down the breathing to point that you could stop and not enough oxygen will get into your system. Dial 000, remember paramedics are not obliged to involve the police.

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