Crystal Meth


Crystal is a really strong amphetamine stimulant. The effects last longer and the come down can be considered worst when compared with other amphetamines. It can be smoked, snorted and injected and can also go by the names of 'meth', 'ice' or 'tina'.

Crystal can produce a number of effects including a feeling's of alertness and over confidence, euphoria, increased levels of energy and urges to have sex which will result in less inhibitions and as such it will affect the way you evaluate and decide upon the level of risk you are willing to take sexually.

Sex sessions can go for longer and the risk of breaking the skin or anal lining along with bleeding are increased, and therefore if condoms and water based lubes are not used the potential for transmitting HIV and other STI's including Hepatitis C is increased.. In long fuck sessions, check the condom regularly, continuously add lube and change it every half an hour or with every new partner.

It is not unheard of that guys while under the influence of crystal can have sex for days on end with little or no sleep or food. This puts the body under great pressure and affects the immune system.

The legal consequences for using, possessing, making and selling crystal can include fines and imprisonment. Furthermore it is illegal to drive while under the influence of crystal and this can result in a disqualification of your licence.

Long term side effects

The body builds up a tolerance to crystal very quickly, which means that when using crystal there is a need to increase the amount to get the same desired effects. . This increases your risk of overdosing, puts a much higher economic burden on you, and increases your dependency upon crystal to function socially.

Crystal causes high blood pressure, irregular heart beat and other heart related complications.

It increases your risk of liver and kidney damage, strokes and aggravated dental and gum problems along with brain damage, anxiety, depression and paranoia.

Mixing it

When mixed with other stimulant drugs such as ectasy, cocaine or poppers it puts the heart under pressure and it increases your risk of overdosing, overheating and strokes.

Crystal speeds the body up the body. When it is combined with depressant drugs such as alcohol or GHB which slow the body down it increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Because crystal increases blood pressure and Viagra decreases it, mixing them increases the risk of strokes.

If you take protease inhibitors as part of your HIV treatment and add crystal to the mix, it can elevate the amount of crystal on your system which significantly increases the negative side effects of the drug with potentially fatal results.

In an emergency

Dial 000 if an overdose or an adverse reaction is observed due to crystal consumption and remember paramedics are not obliged to involve the police.

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