Erectile Dysfunction Drugs


Erectile dysfunction drugs work by sending more blood to the cock which will result in a hard on. Depending on the chosen ED you take it from 25 to 60 minutes before sex and the effects can last from 4 hours up to 36. Only doctors can prescribe ED drugs.

ED drugs are normally used because of the erection problems created through the use of other recreational drugs such as crystal or ecstasy. Furthermore ED drugs don't increase your sex drive nor do they give you an instant hard on, instead they will start working once you become excited.

The consumption of alcohol and the digestion of fatty foods can limit the effectiveness of ED drugs, and for those who suffer from anxiety or physical conditions such as diabetes, circulation or prostate problems ED drugs are not guaranteed to work.

Even though ED drugs don't lower your inhibitions nor increase your sex drive, other drugs do. Therefore the way you evaluate and decide upon the level of risk you are willing to take sexually can be compromised. If condoms and water based lube are not used there is a higher risk of catching or passing on HIV and STIs such as hepatitis C

It is not advisable to take more than one dose within 24 hours. Taking more ED drugs wont translate into a better and bigger hard on, but instead it will just lead to more negative side effects. In long fuck sessions, check the condom regularly, keep on adding lube and change it every half an hour or with every new partner.

Side effects

Overdoing ED drugs such as Viagra, can result on an erection that won't go away, known as priapism. To avoid impotence and permanent damage, seek immediate medical attention if you've had a hard on for more than 4 hours.

Mixing it

The combination of erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs such as Viagra or heart condition medications with poppers is dangerous because they all lower the blood pressure and this can lead to a fatal drop in blood pressure.

When mixed with stimulant drugs such as speed, cocaine, or crystal, ED drugs will increase the stress levels on your heart and put the body under a lot of pressure.

If you take protease inhibitors as part of your HIV treatment and add ED drugs such as Viagra, it can elevate the amount of ED drugs in your system; if you add to that mix poppers it will increase drastically the chances of blood pressure complications.

In Emergency

In case of negative reactions to poppers dial 000, remember paramedics are not obliged to involve the police.

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