Anal Play & Toys

Sex toys can bring a lot of excitement and enjoyment into the ways we have sex, but when it comes to toys, the general advice is do not share them.

Any sex toy not properly cleaned and then shared with other people has the potential to transmit blood borne viruses and sexually transmitted infections (STIs including Hepatitis C). It is easier to clean toys after play if condoms are used on them during play. For large toys, female condoms are a useful substitute for the use of standard condoms because of their size. If you would like to purchase female condoms contact us.

To clean your toys, use plenty of soap or detergent and hot water. Medical-grade surface cleaners or sanitisers are available; unfortunately it is unclear how the materials toys are made from will react with these products. Water based lube is the easiest to remove. When using silicone or even oil based lube, extra care is necessary to remove both traces of shit and the lube itself as this can increase a risk of an infection. In addition, if the cleaning agent is not properly removed from toys, it may irritate the sensitive lining of the arse, making it easier for getting or passing on HIV or other sexually transmitted infections.

Use plenty of lube when inserting dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, beads or any other foreign object up your arse. This will minimize the risk of cuts, abrasions and other harm during sex. Avoid sharp edges and objects made from glass or wood because they can shatter or splinter as well as foamy or absorbent materials that might expand or mould into place. To see a variety of toys and gadgets available for arse play, visit your local adult shop and don't forget to ask them what lube is most suitable for the toys you are buying. Some silicone-based lubes can have a chemical reaction with silicone toys breaking them down.

When it comes to inserting things up your arse, start small and work your way up to bigger toys. Remember, the most sensitive part of your arse is the anus not the rectum.

Don't push objects too far up your arse or they could disappear inside. If this happens, relax! Stressing will make your muscles contract and you will tighten up, risking moving the toy even further in. To facilitate the passage of the object, get lots of lube up your arse and try pushing as if you were having a dump while squatting. You can also try laying in a bath filled with warm water as this could help the muscles relax, allowing the object to pass back out again. If nothing works, visit the accident and emergency department at your nearest hospital. It wouldn't be the first, nor the last time that the medical staff there would have come across a situation like this.

If bleeding occurs, note the colour; if it is dark or pink, is it dripping rather than bum-snotty clots? Monitor the situation and if it continues past an hour of your arse play session you should get medical attention as soon as possible.